Best Practices That Make a Robust Digital Workplace

2 min readJan 27, 2023

If we carefully analyze enterprises having successful digital workplaces, we can see that there is common theme among them. These organizations are very intentional with their digital initiatives to improve their Digital Employee Experience (DEX).

In this post, we have summarized four such recurring characteristics that we see in almost all great digital workplaces.

Being Intentional

In physical office settings, communications and collaborations are a lot easier. Employees can just get together to brainstorm ideas and bounce off each other’s positive energies in an enterprise-wide culture.

This spontaneity is missing in digital workplace. Digital leaders have to be very intentional and involved to cultivate a type of culture through empathy. They have to anticipate possible challenges and devise plans to remove work related obstacles.

Human Oriented Approach

Over the years, we have witnessed that technology has taken over and in some cases, even replaced humans. Oftentimes, businesses only put profit maximization as their top priority and they want to achieve it by “hook or by crook”.

However, it has been reported that a lot of great digital workplace environments put the wellbeing of their workforce at the top. The “profit maximization bit” comes as a fortunate byproduct.

Successful digital workplaces adopt tech solutions that support and augment employees’ capabilities and free up their minds to focus on more productive tasks. The ultimate goal of digital leaders is to improve Digital Employees Experience (DEX) and provide a safe-space to work.

Respecting Time

It is wisely said that “time is more valuable than money”. Businesses can always earn more money, but time is only a finite resource and must be used wisely. Top digital workplaces value everyone’s time and their goal is to optimize time to work.

In digital workplace, employees are given more flexibility with their times and it greatly release any work-related stress. Employees are no longer required to be on “available mode” all the time. To achieve this, forward-thinking businesses invest in tools and technologies that make communication and collaboration easier for employees working in hybrid environments.

Offering an Agency to Employees

Another common theme among successful digital workplaces is that they offer employees the agency or power to choose the best possible option. As digital workplaces operations are scaled up, leaders tend to lose control. They can no longer have centralized decision-making power, therefore, giving employees an agency to make their own decisions becomes vital.

Fully embracing digital workplace might just be the best thing you can do for your enterprise in 2023. To enable this, be mindful of all the aforementioned digital workplace characteristics that will lead you to the future of work.




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