Cloud v/s On-Premise v/s Hybrid — A Closer Look

Today’s fierce market competition forces businesses to come up with innovative solutions that can cut down their overall cost and improve their efficiency levels. Enters Cloud Computing that can conveniently fulfil both these requirements, while providing enterprises additional flexibility, agility and scalability across their IT environments.

On-Premise Solutions v/s Cloud Computing Solutions

Consider this, having an invitation to a party and going as a guest is a lot more fun and relaxing than throwing a party yourself. This is because playing a host comes with a lot of responsibilities and chores. In a similar manner, on premise solutions are deployed on enterprises in-house computer servers. On-premise solutions often become burdensome and tedious for employees, as they have to look after everything themselves. This often reduce employees’ overall productivity as well.

With Cloud Computing solutions, a third-party Cloud Service Provider (CSP) provides on-demand IT resources over the internet. These resources include data storage, networking, software, servers etc. CSPs also take care of the maintenance and management of these digital assets.

The challenge often arises when businesses have to figure out which cloud deployment would be better for them. Here, we have discussed the pros and cons of both public and private cloud environments so that you can make an informed decision about which type of Cloud deployment suits you best.

1. Public Cloud

In Public Cloud solutions, CSPs operate, manage and own all the computing resources from their centralized datacenters. Multiple tenants share these computing resources and pay a nominal monthly fee on “pay-as-you-use” basis. The efficiency of highly scalable Public Cloud depends on bandwidth and speed of the internet and there is very little room for customization. High security concerns associated with Public Cloud propel many businesses to opt for Private Cloud.

2. Private Cloud

With private cloud solutions, data center is usually located within enterprises premise or in some cases on CSP’s infrastructure. Here, all the IT resources are exclusively dedicated to a single customer. It combines the elasticity and ease of service delivery of Public Cloud along with the following additional advantages.

· High resource customizability

· Direct control tailored according to enterprises needs

· Dedicated resources increasing performance efficiency

Hybrid Cloud Environments

If you wish to get “the best of both the worlds”, you can opt for hybrid cloud environments. It combines on-premise infrastructure, along with either of the Public or Private Cloud to seamlessly orchestrate data and applications between these IT environments. Flexibility and cost effectiveness are huge selling points for hybrid cloud, particularly for enterprises having dynamic workloads.

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