Compelling Reasons to Accelerate Cloud Adoption

Why are so many enterprises moving their IT operations to the Cloud? In the recent digital landscape, this question holds a lot of weightage. If the related stakeholders answer this question by stating that the shift was just because it was an order from the C-level executives, then the enterprise has not been able to do a good job.

The desirable business outcomes form Cloud-based migrations can only be achieved, if and when employees are motivated to develop technical capabilities to improve customer’s experience (CX) and engagements. This will ultimately reflect in business growth. Companies tend to opt for Public, Private or Hybrid Cloud solutions, depending on their requirements.

The following points showcase some of the reasons why so many companies are shifting their IT operations, particularly towards the Public Cloud.

1. Agility

Today’s fierce market competition does not allow businesses to wait indefinitely to develop, test or deploy software applications. Even little slackness here can cost them a fortune. With Cloud-powered solutions, they have access to the latest IT resources and applications, just a few clicks away. This means that enterprises can have those latest resources in a matter of minutes.

IT infrastructures, backed by Cloud Computing solutions, enable CSPs to handle resource provisioning and maintenance. This allow businesses to focus on innovative solutions and it drastically increases overall operational agility of their enterprise.

2. Cost Effectiveness

The up-front costs for the deployment of software or hardware are saved if enterprises opt for Cloud Computing services. A very convenient pay-as-you-go pricing model offered by Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) allows enterprises to pay only for the computational and storage capacities they have actually consumed.

Organizations do not have to worry about setting up expensive data centers or servers from scratch. CSPs provide robust Cloud Computation services at a fraction of the cost, as compared to on-premise solutions.

Cloud configurations, like storage capacity, processing, memory etc. can be adjusted through auto-scaling parameters, so enterprises do not pay for un-used Cloud Resources and avoid resource wastage. All this greatly reduces their overall costs and overheads.

3. Scalability

CSPs have in-house hardware and software resources that are deployed to cater to multiple tenants. The extent of scalability and sustainability that CSPs can offer, is just not possible when such resources are deployed privately.

In case of sudden spikes in enterprise’s web traffic, or increase in other workloads, the Cloud-powered scalable solutions enable enterprises to adjust to the sudden demand spikes accordingly.

4. Security

CSPs offer a wide array of secure Cloud-based services that are in compliance with industry guidelines and the highest regulatory standards.

Cloud-based Web Application Firewalls (WAF) are used to monitor and if required, block any un-authorized incoming traffic from reaching the servers. Most of the CSPs offer 24/7/365 available and vigilant IT teams for clear visibility into a host of possible cybersecurity risks.

CSPs offer resilient Identity and Access Management (IAM), Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) and data encryption. These measures prevent enterprises’ sensitive and confidential data from malicious attacks or un-authorized access. Multiple CSPs also use global threat intelligence tools that enable early detection of cybersecurity threats.

Business Growth

CSPs handle the processes of Disaster Recovery (DR), Business Continuity (BC), stacking, racking, management of IT operations, and a lot more. This in turn allows enterprises to focus their energies on the inculcation of innovative practices to improve their overall productivity.


Today, businesses have an un-paralleled opportunity to re-invent themselves with Cloud-based services and solutions. Cloud Service Providers (CSPs), like dinCloud, offer an optimized blend of flexible, scalable and agile solutions that can perfectly strike a balance with a robust cybersecurity posture for your enterprise.

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