Emerging Digital Innovation Trends in The Post-Digital Era

2 min readSep 23, 2022

New trends in digital innovation have greatly helped enterprises of all shapes and sizes to attain and maintain competitive edge. They reduce businesses’ cost, boost productivity/efficiency and deliver an excellent digital experience for both, customers and employees.

In this post, we have discussed three digital trends that have revolutionized the way we work in the post-digital era.

1. Pathbreaking Innovations of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and 5G

AI is the next big thing and enterprises that figure out a way to effectively leverage this technology, will set themselves apart from their competitors. A lot of leading businesses are investing huge sums in AI-based technologies to primarily fulfil the following needs.

· To gain cognitive insights.

· To allow process automations.

· To increase customer/employee engagement.

Similarly, in an AI-connected world, the 5th generation of mobile network (5G) is expected to enable numerous possibilities in digital transformation. Some use cases of fast 5G, having a wider bandwidth, are listed below.

· Advancements in telemedicine.

· Delivery of a seamless remote learning experience.

· Streamlines manufacturing sector and its daily operations.

· Improves communications and collaborations among all employees, regardless of their locations.

2. Introducing Machine Workforce

Machine workforce is all set to change the future landscape of the way we work. Beyond small and repetitive tasks, it leverages AI-backed automations to figure out various patterns to solve complex problems, that are even beyond human capabilities.

Another emerging trend that has been enabled by digital innovation is remote-based workforce. Digital innovations, such as Cloud Computing solutions, have helped enterprises streamline their remote workforce.

3. Providing Robust Cyber Security

New trends in digital innovations create an interconnected ecosystem that generates numerous opportunities for enterprises. Unfortunately, this also increases enterprises’ attack surface and expose them to vulnerabilities.

The good news is that digitally-innovative cybersecurity trends are usually one step ahead. Enterprises are inclining towards the following trends to combat malicious security attacks.

· Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) for secure remote access to enterprises digital assets.

· Predictive analytics are used to check enterprises cybersecurity posture in real-time.

· Human interventions are forecast to be minimized, using Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP) for problem solving.

· Identity-as-a-service (IDaaS) and Biometric verification are likely be more secure alternatives to passwords.


It is high time you should embrace the aforementioned digitally innovative trends, for your enterprise. They will not only ensure triumph over your competitors, but also maximize value for all your enterprise’s stakeholders.




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