The Role of HR Tech in Developing a Robust Digital Workplace

Aftermaths of the global pandemic were particularly difficult for businesses’ Human Resource (HR) teams. We say that because they went into a “crisis mode” to compensate employees adjusting to the new way of doing Work from Home (WFH).

Now, businesses have realized that hybrid working environments are the new norm. For this, they are looking for ways to equip their employees in general and HR teams in particular with right tools and technologies required to excel in competitive environments.

Dealing with The Hybrid Work Model

HR Leaders must provide innovative approaches and new ways of thinking to empower their geographically dispersed workforce. For instance, remote-based employees should be given equal training and development opportunities, regardless of their location. They should also be trusted, without constant micromanagement.

According to the Vice President of a leading Cloud Computing firm, Traci Palmer, the key is to create a seamless “work-from everywhere” experience by leveraging latest technologies.

An equal playing field should be given to everyone through effective communication tools, collaborating platforms and development of inclusive environments of everyone. This way, they will be able to retain talent in the long run.

Prioritizing Employee Experience

HR teams will be placing more focus on improving their Digital Employee Experience (DEX) across every tier of their enterprise. For this, they will require evaluating things from various perspectives and streamlining latest technologies for smooth delivery of services. Here, it is equally important for HR teams to upskill themselves, as well.

Ensuring Compliance Regulations

Taking care of regulatory compliances and tax management can be a daunting task for HR leaders. The Chief Strategy Officer at global talent mobility platform, Steve Black, suggests that in the future, HR teams will be leveraging HR technologies to manage legal compliance.

A recent study revealed that 94% of the employees were comfortable with their locations being tracked by their employers. Keeping this in mind, HR leaders should try to strike a balance between employee location tracking and their right to privacy. This way, they can help their enterprises “stay on top” by effectively dealing with legal compliance.

Adopting AI and Automation

In order to avoid the nightmare of dealing with reams of paperwork and bureaucratic task, HR teams must diligently work towards automating their operations. Innovative technologies can replace the need to invest in manual tasks. This can free up a lot of HR leaders’ time and energies to focus on other more important tasks. They can also leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies to remove any recruitment bias, with respect to employee’s race or gender.

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