Transforming the Organizational Culture with Digital Workplace and DEX

4 min readAug 4, 2023


The past few years have been extremely disruptive for IT Infrastructure and Operations (I&O) leaders globally. The pandemic induced an era of rapid Digital Transformation, and a handful of enterprises were prepared as well as equipped for such a paradigm shift.

However, digital evolution was no more a choice for enterprises, rather a compulsion that also came with a certain sense of urgency. As a result, enterprises witnessed the “ushering in” of countless digital work tools, solutions, software and platforms.

No matter how capable or potent these platforms were, the workforce was not mentally and skillset wise prepared for such a fast paced change that was also complex. As a result, enterprises started witnessing a certain degree of employee alienation from organizational culture, goals and core values.

Fact of the matter is, all the above facets of an organization are, or least surely were, closely dependent on an in-office work environment. In those circumstances, managers and leaders had direct, in-person interface with the teams they were heading.

Even when we talk of employee teams themselves, the “old school”, in-office environments proved quite helpful in “gelling” team mates together to function as a productive, cohesive and well coordinated unit.

Resurrecting the Digital Workplace from Scratch

This may seem like a disturbing thought, especially when we see that organizations are somehow getting the things done, one way or the other. So, why shake-up something that is working fine, and invite yet another phase of un-certainty and adaptability.

Well, fact of the matter is, most remote and hybrid work solutions setup around the Covid-19 pandemic were makeshift arrangements. Not even a handful of people were initially convinced that remote or hybrid work structures would become the new normal.

So, resurrecting the Digital Workplace from scratch would be a good starting point. This is the stage where an organization as a whole, and at the departmental or team level, needs to decide exactly what IT solutions, tools, platforms and software they need for work.

Once the desired “inventory” of IT solutions has been prepared, then comes another crucial phase, which is consolidating as many of these IT solutions as possible, either into a single solution, or at least to the minimum number of solutions providers.

The sum total of all these finalized IT software, solutions, tools and platforms will be the new Digital Workplace. Now, this end result will not be the outcome of some arbitrary, short term and makeshift thoughts.

Instead, this will be a highly functional and integrated Digital Workplace. Here, remote or hybrid employees will have seamless access to all the tools, solutions, data and software that they need to accomplish their day to day tasks.

Elevating the DEX with an Integrated Digital Workplace

A well planned, executed and integrated modern Digital Workplace will take the Digital Employee Experience (DEX) to a whole new level. An improved DEX means remote and hybrid employees will have state of the art technologies at their fingertips.

A modern digital workplace will bridge the gaps that have been created in the Organizational Culture due to remote work and hybrid work structures. The other areas where a good DEX will prove in-valuable are improved coordination, collaboration, teamwork, productivity and employee retention levels.

In the present business environment, it is becoming a necessity for enterprises to deliver a superb Digital Employee Experience (DEX), which can only be possible by setting up a modern, well integrated Digital Workplace.

Transforming the Organizational Culture through DEX

Whether it is the modern Digital Workplace, or the Digital Employee Experience (DEX) itself, these seismic changes across the organization will prove of little value, without employee ownership at every tier of the enterprise.

To achieve this feat, enterprises will have to revamp their entire organizational culture, as it was mostly built around the pre-pandemic work environments and trends. Providing employees with the highest quality training of the latest Digital Workplace tools and solutions will be a very crucial element of transforming the Organizational Culture.

Employees will need to be re-assured that despite the rapid digitalization and automation of organizational processes, the “human element” is still quite relevant and necessary. This in turn will create an environment of trust between employees and emerging digital technologies that are rapidly becoming a part of the modern digital workplace.

Another factor that will have a huge impact on the organizational culture is developing transparent, quantifiable and equitable metrics for measuring employee performance. In the present remote and hybrid work environments, a lot of employees can’t visibly see the impact of their efforts in achieving organizational goals and objectives.


A modern Digital Workplace, and a good Digital Employee Experience (DEX) itself, are just two of the three key components of any forward thinking enterprise. The third critical component, Organizational Culture, is the “binding factor”, through which the fruits of Digital Transformation can actually be achieved.

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