What Is an Intelligent Digital Workplace?

The economic and market conditions of the 21st century require enterprises to cook up new recipes for a truly intelligent digital workplace. It will deliver a great workplace experience to their employees for increased productivity and agility, while keeping the expenses minimum.

Beyond delivering an excellent intranet for communication, intelligent digital workplace can transform the way people work. It can be defined as a highly secure and personalized working environment that provides employees a frictionless access to all the necessary digital resources, that are needed to perform their tasks well.

Both physical and digital workplaces have the ultimate goal of supporting the needs of their workforce. Digital workplace, specifically, includes all the digitalized areas of an organization. It gives employees a solid foundation on which they are empowered to efficiently execute their workloads. By adding the “intelligent” aspect to digital workplace, enterprises employee experiences truly become transformative.

Benefits of Adopting Intelligent Digital Workplace

In the following section, we have mentioned the advantages of intelligent digital workplace.

> Automation and integration of multiple taxing tasks, have been the ultimate goal of all the latest generation of platforms and operations, for a long time. For instance, installation of Operating Systems (OS), application configuration, upgrades, updates etc., are all taken care of via intelligent digital workplace.

> It also allows customization and personalization of employees’ workflows by using technologies, such as Machine Learning (ML). Employees can receive relevant alerts about an important meeting or in accordance to the context of task they are performing. Their dashboard can also be personalized, as per their preference.

> Intelligent digital workplace is like having a personal assistance for all employees to improve their productivity, without incurring any long-term expense. This is a “win-win” situation for both employees and businesses.

> Intelligent digital workplace inspires better creativity and innovation because employees are not bogged down by boring and repetitive everyday tasks. These two traits are extremely important for employees in the long run, as it also motivates them to deliver better customer experience (CX).

> Usually, it takes businesses years to develop a good reputation in the market to attract and retain skilled human resource. With intelligent digital workplace, businesses create a people-first workplace culture that thrives on innovation and collaboration. It helps enterprises retain and maintain top talent.

With digital workplace becoming intelligent, employees get unparalleled opportunities to efficiently perform their tasks and add to enterprises overall productivity.



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