Why are Standards Vital for Cloud Computing and IoT Solutions?

3 min readNov 4, 2022

In a lot of everyday domains, standardization brings in a lot of benefits. The element of standardization in processes, manufacturing, or IT infrastructures etc. results in consistent and predictable outcomes.

Standardization comes in really handy, especially when a process has been “perfected”. Now, all that is required is to mainly uphold that generally accepted process. We increasingly find ourselves in a data driven world.

Right now, the sheer scale at which data is being generated, stored and processed is proving overwhelming for organizations. All the afore cited operations involving data warrant plenty of resources, something enterprises prefer to conserve.

The Rise of Internet of Things (IoT) Ecosystems

The resource intensive nature of data is prompting a rapid increase in IoT ecosystems. An IoT system, in the most general terms, is a well connected small network of smart devices, which generate, share and process data locally, right next to its very source.

IoT infrastructures are proving beneficial in two big ways. Firstly, they eliminate the element of latency, which is a huge plus for time sensitive processes and workloads. Secondly, IoT systems eliminate the overhead costs associated with data storage.

Why We Need Standards for the Cloud, IoT and Other Technologies?

So far as technology related standards are concerned, there is no clearcut, “black and white” situation. Organizations that consume technology on a daily basis, and the ones that deliver those technologies, seem to be somewhat divided over the need for developing, and then adopting those industry-wide standards.

Leaving aside the debate on whether standards are good or otherwise for the technology sector, we will discuss why they are becoming so important for IoT systems. Whenever any technology achieves a mainstream status, as IoT has, it becomes a “need of the hour” to formulate and implement certain standards.

The Benefits of IoT Standards

Now that we have underscored the importance of standards in general, and IoT ecosystems in particular, let us highlight some of the associated advantages:-

Value Added Services

In a lot of real life use cases, a technology solution is of little value for the deploying enterprise in its “raw state”. Instead, the deploying entity can extract much more value from that solution if it can be customized, or refined via some value added service.

Standards implemented across the industry will ensure all such value added services, solutions, or codes meet certain minimum prescribed standards, enabling enterprises to adopt them with confidence, and add more value thereof.

Wider Choice of Technology Solutions

Once organizations that are “shopping” for IoT, Cloud Computing, or other technology solutions out there, have the assurance that each solution meets certain minimum prescribed standards, it adds a certain degree of confidence for the entity.

Secondly, every organization competing in the “technology marketplace” will then try to not only comply with those standards, but it will also add a wide range of choice for organizations. This in turn will prompt technology providers to outperform their competitors, which means better value for deploying entities.

Avoiding the Vendor Lock-In

In a way, technological standardization protects the “consumers of technology” from the dreaded vendor lock-in. Once industry wide standards have been adopted and fully implemented, an enterprise will not hesitate in trying out newer, innovative technology offerings, as they will have the underlying assurance of standards being met.


While the implementation of standardization in technology offerings may seem painful in the beginning, this is something that will prove very beneficial over the mid to long term. The providers of technology solutions need to sit together, and formulate standards for technologies attaining a mainstream status, such as the Internet of Things (IoT).




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