Why Choose dinCloud’s Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)?

2 min readMar 16, 2021

There are more than one ways to virtualize desktops. Enterprises are increasingly turning towards Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) for their IT needs. You can go even a step further and opt for Hosted Virtual Desktop Infrastructure.

In the case of a Cloud Hosted VDI solution, the deploying entity enjoys a lot of additional benefits. These advantages of Hosted VDI out-weigh the option of setting up a VDI solution on-premise, as the latter is both costly and complex.

By going for an in-house VDI solution, you will be able to virtualize desktops but this will be accompanied by additional costs for procuring and maintaining the requisite hardware. Secondly, a hosted VDI solution is readily scalable as per your evolving needs.

dinCloud is ranked among some of the leading providers of Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktop Infrastructure solutions. So, let’s touch upon a few factors that set us apart from rest of the hosted VDI solutions out there.

To facilitate the management of your hosted VDI solution, we offer dinManage. This is our in-house Cloud Management Portal that not only empowers you to monitor the entire infrastructure, but also manage the entire VDI environment from a single interface.

Based on the unique preferences of your VDI users, you can also divide them into various user groups. By doing so, it becomes much easier for you to manage issues such as scalability or software as well as application assignment.

dinCloud Hosted VDI solution, also called dinHVD, makes your enterprise both flexible and agile. You can login to our Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktops using a wide range of device platforms and more importantly, nearly all Operating Systems (OS) are supported.

With hosted VDI, you can attain two-fold cost savings. The first segment is that of the Capital Expenditures (CapEx) that you can save by de-commissioning the in-house data centers that may already be deployed.

Secondly, in case of our Hosted VDI solution, you get to enjoy a fully transparent pricing model. What this means for you as an end user is that your costs will become highly accurate and predictable, purely based on your usage levels.

Due to its inherent flexibility, a hosted VDI solution is ideal for initiatives such as remote work and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). In case of cloud VDI, no data is stored on the employee endpoint devices. This makes your data much safer from loss or theft.

Cloud Hosted VDI is in fact the future of desktop virtualization and you can rapidly accelerate digital transformation at the organizational level.


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